Park hopper tickets: Are they worth it?

I love going to Disneyland and I have many fond memories of going with friends and family. It has always been fun to walk around and enjoy the theatrics of Disneyland. It looks amazing and holds a dear place in my heart as well as others. There is an argument for whether getting a park hopper ticket is worth it or not.

Park hopper vs. Single-park pass

First off, Park hopper passes are about $50 more expensive than the single-park pass, but you are able to enter both parks on the same day. Of course, if you are wanting to enter both parks on the same day by all means you can go ahead and buy the park hopper ticket to save some money. I have gotten the park hopper ticket in the past and I had a blast in both parks.

The question then arises should you get the park hopper. I think that you can barely do all of Disneyland in one day. My wife and I spent an entire day in Disneyland and pretty much did every ride and doubled up on a couple, but it was hard. Most people would be completely happy riding rides all day long in Disneyland, so in most cases having a single-park pass would be completely fine and actually cheaper for them. For California Adventure, I could spend an entire day riding rides. I have done California Adventure in one day and been completely happy, but some people only want to hit the big rides, so they might suggest getting the park hopper.

Basically, I think that getting the park hopper ticket is overkill and that you don’t really need it. Get the single-park ticket and if you have ridden all the rides, go back the next day and ride the rest, leaving a little time in the evening to go back to the hotel to swim. There is always something to do. I generally like getting two single-park tickets and going to one park one day and the other park the next.

Always weigh your options and what you plan on doing. Think realistically about how much time you are able to spend in the park and the energy level of the members in your group.

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