Fastpass to Maxpass

I have already posted about going to Disneyland and my thoughts about park tickets because I went to Disneyland Summer of 2017. I recently went during the summer of 2018 and Disney made some changes to the Fastpass system that have some very significant consequences.

They have a new system called Maxpass. With everything being more and more available on our phones, Disney decided to put their entire Fastpass system on phones. After entering a park with your ticket, you can pay $10 per person for the day and begin selecting your Fastpasses. The new system works so much better in Disneyland than it does in California Adventure. During my recent trip to Disneyland, we got to the park at about 8:20 and within a hour, we had gone on 6 rides. By the end of the day we had gone on all the rides and a second or third time for some of the rides like Space Mountain. The Fastpass system was set up so that while in line, we were able to select our next Fastpasses when our time slot was available. This allowed us to basically use a Fastpass every 3 rides we went on during the day.

In Disneyland, it’s worth spending the money for the Maxpass, but not as much for California Adventure. The main problem that I can see is that California Adventure still doesn’t have enough rides to be able to handle the amount of people in the park as well as Disneyland does, so this means that the big rides like the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride or Incredicoaster are almost always slammed. This also means that we were only able to select a Fastpass from the app every 2 hours instead of the hour that it was in Disneyland. However, most rides in California Adventure, when you use a Fastpass, will let you almost get on the ride immediately. Disney has made updates to California Adventure, which is awesome, but they still aren’t quite there.

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